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Company Overview
Founded in 2005, Siyaka Holdings aspires to be a prominent and respected BEE company that understands and knows obstacles that relate to small and medium enterprises which exhibit good solid potential growth. The company was formed by a team that has skills and knowledge of business development.

Our thrust is synergising into critical sectors of SMEs, unbundling value, extension for growth and attainment of optimal impact. We therefore seek to grow within South Africa and into the region. We uncompromisingly value genuine synergies and partnerships as we grow.

Siyaka Consulting Siyaka Marketing Siyaka Printing
Siyaka Consulting offers a seamless management process, from initial concept to execution and delivery, to ensure you meet your objectives.
Siyaka Marketing strives to be a good honourable business partner with the sole intention of building long lasting relationships with our clients.
We pride ourselves on outstanding designs and quality prints & making sure that you’re delighted with your purchase.


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